Friday, April 1, 2011

Earth Month Challenge!

In my estimation, April is the greenest month. She's joking, you think, as you look out at the bare trees and brown grass. It may be April 1st, but I'm not fooling. With John Muir's birthday (April 21st), Earth Day (April 22nd), and Arbor Day (April 29th), what other month has so many opportunities to celebrate environmental stewardship?

This year, instead of waiting until Earth Day to think green, my family is designating the entire month of April as Earth Month. Each day, we're going to make conscious decisions to lighten our footprint on the planet. Whether its walking to school, spending an evening without television, or waiting to run an errand until we have several reasons to head in that direction, we're going to try to think of each action we take in terms of how it affects the earth. My hope is that, with practice, some of our deliberate choices will become natural habits.

You can join the Earth Month Challenge too! It's easy. Just commit yourself to making at least one green decision everyday. Better yet, share your earth-friendly ideas by leaving a comment on this blog.

It's April... Think Green!

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